Terms of Use

Objective of the Environment Changer Program:

For one spouse to learn how to transform their own feelings in such a positive waythat they can single-handedly change the emotional environment between themselves and their spouse who struggles with the idea of staying married. The spouse who can accomplish this is called An Environment Changer.

This program gives the Environment Changer student the tools and understanding that can create a dramatic change in the energy within their marriage which has become far less than ideal. The program’s focus is to first build up the Environment Changer, then the struggling spouse.

The Environment Changer Program is a positive alternative to the threat of divorce which the family now faces.

How the Program Works:

Module 1: Discover the student’s greatest strengths/motivations and how he/she succeeds.

Module 2: Discover how the student was programmed in the first ten years and which programs still have influence in the marriage today.

Modules 3 to 5: Gain the tools and understanding that allow the Environment Changer student to change negative feelings into positive regardless of the circumstance.

Modules 6 and 7 are focused on practice in real life situations and feedback for improvement using these new tools and understanding.

Requirements for participation:

To participate in Environment Changer Program, the following conditions must be met:


Student certifies that he/she is not currently being adversely affected by substance abuse, whether drugs or alcohol, or by spousal or child abuse. These are serious conditions which require professional intervention, and we urge you to seek such help immediately if this is your situation. Company policy does not allow us to assist if the above behaviors exist.


Student agrees to complete all 7 modules in 3 weeks. Unforeseen events may sometimes cause delays, but students who see the best results complete the course within this time period.


Student has accepted personal responsibility for these three issues.

1. Be a good student:
a. Do all that is assigned.
b. Apply what is being learned as instructed.
c. Stay positive about the goals that are set.2.

2. Be 100% committed to healing the family.
a. Student will keep doing the work in spite of reversals.
b. Student accepts that due to the chaos condition of his/her spouse, the health of the family now depends solely on him/her.

3. Be private about what is being learned.
a. Student agrees to do the work but not share the material or ideas with spouse or friends/family which can put him/her at risk of criticism.

4. Should you eventually feel the desire to publicly share or discuss the concepts, references or ideas from the Environment Changer course, we do require attribution/reference to Larry Bilotta and the Environment Changer course.


Larry Bilotta has explained in his videos that this program is not for everyone. In his videos, he specifically defines the type of person who the program will not fit. The purchaser must identify themselves as a good fit for this skill-based course. You must do the work required by Larry Bilotta to succeed or it will not work for you. By enrolling in this course, you accept that a refund guarantee for your purchase price, minus a $50 set up fee, will ONLY be available to you for a 7 day period once you receive full login access to the program.


The Environment Changer Program tools and skills taught are the result of the 27 year marriage struggle and success of Larry and Marsha Bilotta who developed the process. The tools and the skills are not in any way intended to replace psychiatric advice and should not be relied upon to replace counseling by certified professionals. It is up to the student to decide if this type of help is needed. The Environment Changer process is designed for one spouse, the student, who seeks a way to increase their ability to eliminate tension without driving their spouse further away. Life Discoveries inc. is not responsible for the student’s actions which may harm himself/herself, family relationship or any other individual.

PRIVACY POLICY: The only information that we obtain about you personally is information you voluntarily supply. Information identifiable to you personally (such as name, email address, personal opinions or descriptions of your situation) will not be disclosed to anyone unless you have given written permission to do so. Life Discoveries Inc. Larry Bilotta or staff members will not give, sell or transfer any personal information to any third party without your express permission to do so unless required to do so by law or court. Your use of our company website is subject to this Privacy Policy, and your use indicates your acceptance of this Privacy Policy. If you receive an email from Larry Bilotta, Life Discoveries Inc, or company related web sites, it will be because you have opted into a company email list or are requesting information from staff members. Your email address is secure and private and no one outside the company will have access to it.