7 Secrets of Eliminating Your Negative Feelings In Seconds

Several years ago, I published this e-book believing that it could help some people.  It turned out to help a lot more than I originally imagined.  Comments began coming in from people all around the world about how this little e-book had changed the way they saw their lives and their relationships.  This message might be just the thing you need right now.

7 Secrets of eliminating your negative emotions

In this ebook, you'll discover:

  • How to shut off your negative thoughts the moment they appear.
  • How to keep bad feelings out of your life.
  • Why focusing on improving your attitude actually makes your life harder.
  • How to find the QUICKEST path to get peace of mind in spite of your circumstances.
  • How to stay clearly focused by shutting off the "mindless chatter" in your head that creates WORRY and stress.

Hi Larry,

Thank you so much for everything.

As always, your advice is spot on and extremely helpful and encouraging.

You are the only person I have found that truly seems to understand the subject of Chaos Kids and their marriage environment, mental status, midlife crisis, etc. I follow your advice to the best of my ability.

Tyra A.

It really opened my eyes to how you can control the way you pursue or direct your thoughts. Plus why it is so easy to get negative based on a little thought or memory. This has helped me not think and hurt my self based on the decisions my wife going through a divorce has made. Praying she gets help and finds jesus.

Calvin B.

Very interesting way to see events.I like the approach of self control and minimizing the emotional impact.

Nathan G.

"What fires together,wires together"...your course emphasizes well the above point...An excellent form of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, your course helps a person get out of the hellish loop of rumination on painful memories or fears about the future!

Rachel S.


These emails keep me sane, strong, hopeful and positive. The 7 day course has done wonders for me, I am calm, a quiet confidence has risen in me, I've even finally had the guts to ask for a promotion and my boss has actually given me specific, measurable targets to meet by Year end and if I do, he says he'll promote me.

My marriage still pretty much the same, but I'm different and that makes things a million times better. When I speak to my husband, I hear the same old tone and argument that his monster is going to raise that he's always raised but my response I think stuns him because I don't let my monster respond, I respond instead. He doesn't yet get what's happening but I feel that slowly but surely his monster is getting disempowered because resistance from me is much less.

My husband still the same, I'm getting emotionally stronger every day and I'll never be the same again. My life has completely changed and I feel SO happy even though my circumstances are the same as before. In fact I'm so happy yesterday I googled, "what to do when you're happy?" Really, I did! Lol. Google didn't even have suggestions, it brought up ways to be happy...all external ways.

Thank you SO much Larry for sharing such valuable insights. You've changed my life.

Loago, all the way from Botswana, Africa!!!!


This ebook is amazing and amazingly simple. Once the concepts are explained, understood and applied, the results are simply amazing. The course is easy to understand, easy to apply and with discipline and practice and rehearsal, is very effective in controlling or eliminating negative feelings.

Jamie G.